Heavenly Delight

This is an extremely easy yet very tasty sweet dish which would be loved by people of all ages.


· Marie Biscuit (any wheat biscuit)
· Kitkat chocolate (2 big bars)
· Condensed Milk (10 table spoons)
· Fruit Cocktail or fresh fruit according to your choice
· Whipped Cream


· Crush the biscuits and in a medium deep dish, give the first layer of crushed biscuits.
· Break kitkat in small pieces by hand and sprinkle on top.
· Then add the condensed milk putting it all over the dish.
· Add the fruit next and then cover it with whipped cream.
· You can put it in the fridge for two hours and after that sprinkle it with chocolate powder or fresh fruit or whatever topping you desire.
· Enjoy this easy dessert.


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